Account GOLD

Real GOLD account with a spread of 5 points and commission of $ 7 and without swaps is one types of SwissKapitalFx broker accounts that will belong to those who charged their account between $ 5000 to $ 6999. In this account, the trader can trade all currencies, indices, indexes, world stocks, futures contracts, cryptos, precious metals, and energy. . The profit and loss margin is in the GOLD account is at the time of the warranty news and is applicable at the time of news fluctuating pendings.

Iranian customers must have present one of their identification documents (passport, national electronic card, electronic certificate, colorful identification card) and a residence document such as a bill for water, electricity, telephone, which has not been exceeded from its date more than six months. Submit them to online support for translatting.

(It should be noted that only one of the required identification documents is needed when sending documents)

Required Documents :

1. Authentication ID

2. Residence Bills

3. Email address

4. Call number