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Due to the failure of the channel, we expect a price drop to the width of the channel. In the area marked by the Target 5 wave we are looking for a suitable Trigger.


For this chart, we have such a move.


If the price fails to stabilize above the level, it can reach the targets.


Given this wave, it is optimistic that the price reaches a high target, but HOLD is the best strategist because of the price behavior.


The price is fluctuating in an bullish channel. If the channel is broken, the price can start a downtrend.


The price has reached our Target. Now it can move to the bottom of the channel.


Expect to grow the price to the specified range for wave 3 or c.


The Target is to move the price of the specified area.


In the event of a channel failure, it is possible to start a bullish upside.


The Target of price growth is set out in the picture.


From the specified area, we saw price growth. The Target of moving the price in the picture is clear.


Due to the Ending structure with ordinary negative divergence, we expect to break the pattern of the floor


The price is inside a descending, channel the best trading strategy, buying on the floors and selling on roofs.


By completing wave 3, we expect the waveform 4 and waves 4 to complete.


The regular divergence is positive and we expect to break the Ending pattern of the roof


The normal divergence is positive and with the failure of the Ending pattern of the ceiling and crossing the specified level can be entered into the purchase position.


You can expect a price to move up the target.


Given the formation of the harmonic pattern, we expect growth to reach the specified target.


The price fluctuates in a downward channel. The best strategy is to sell on the ceiling and buy on the floor.


By reaching the price to the specified range for Wave 3, we expect a short-term ascent to a level marked for wave 4, then the next target is the channel floor and building wave 5.


The Targets of the price drop are in the picture.


Prices in the Bullish channel are fluctuating, and as long as the channel breaks down, you can expect a climb.


The price is moving on a bullish channel, and the best possible strategy is to buy on the floors and sell on the roofs.


As long as this ascending channel is moving, the above goal is valid.


Due to the formation of the ending, in the event of failure of this template, we expect a heavy drop. The high targets are valid until it fluctuates.


As long as the price fluctuates within this structure, buying at the bottom and selling at the roof is the best strategy.


The price reached our last week Target. With the specified channel failure, the bottom Targets can be optimistic.


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