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Unicorn Holding is supported by an experienced team with a history of more than two decades of brilliant presence in the financial markets


Business in the digital age requires awareness and updating knowledge and access to the latest technologies, we are a solution for a profitable business.


Relying on our experience and knowledge in the financial markets, we are proud to say that we are professionals who provide the best services to our clients.

About Unicorn Brokers

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Unicorn Brokers Holding under the management of Mr. Abdulahi and with the support of 16 years of experience in international stock market transactions, technical analysis and teaching in international markets with the certificate of presenting a professional portfolio

From 2004 to 2009, establishing Moj Capital South East Company and providing analysis, training and consulting in financial markets
In 2010, the establishment of Aftab Kafilim School with an official license from the technical and professional organization
From 2012 to 2016, cooperation of Aftab Kafilim School with Academic Jihad of the International Center in the field of teaching and providing technical analysis certificate of Academic Jihad and QAL of England to students
In 2016, the Unicorn Brokers company was established in Russia with the official license 11677169790 PSRN under the supervision of the Russian government and received the meta trader buy/sell software named UNICORN BROKERS.

The Purpose And Vision Of Unicorn Brokers Holding

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White label copy trade And leaderboard

Cryptocurrency Liquidity

White Label
Metatrader 5

White Label Prop Trading

Gateway And get
the price

White Label Crypto Exchange

Liquidity provider

Hot Wallet

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       Launch your Forex Brokerage        just two days

        Develope Your Forex Website

       Create a website with amazing        features, performance, security,        responsiveness, and brand appeal.

       Manage Your sales Through CRM

       Save time and money by managing        your sales through Customer        Relationship Management (CRM).

       QUICK AND EASY        SET-UP

       Launch your        Forex        Brokerage        just two days

        Develope Your         Forex        Website

       Create a website        with        amazing        features,        performance,        security,        responsiveness,        and        brand appeal.

       Manage Your sales        Through CRM

       Save time and        money by        managing        your sales        through Customer        Relationship        Management        (CRM).

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