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Introducing the Funded Accounts Platform

Unicorn Forex Broker with more than two decades of experience in the field of financial markets, offers prop trading account services and as a MAIN-LABEL broker not only provides the service of prop trading accounts but also provides the conditions for investors company to provide a prop trading accounts platform.

Prop trading provides capital to traders by investment companies, and the basis of this trading system is mutual benefit, both for investment companies and professional traders. In this type of trading, companies invest their capital in traders who pass the test to verify the trading skills of the company (make the greatest profit, the least loss and manage capital, according to the strategy of the broker). This type of trading has a long history, but in recent years, with the expansion of e-TRADING, attracting the attention of various companies to invest in this field as well as the opportunity to earn more money for traders, and Unicorn Forex Broker, a leader in providing these services, has provided special conditions for cooperation with organizations and companies. The terms of the partnership allow you to have the necessary platforms to offer professional trading accounts and the access you need to create professional trading accounts tailored to your company’s investment strategy as well as manage the delivery of services to users.

In short, the following services will be provided to you by Unicorn Broker

  • 01

    Setting of Accounts

    We set trading groups for spreads, commission and swap of the accounts.

  • 02

    Meta Manager

    We issue a meta manager for your company so that you can easily reach your customers.

  • 03

    Unlimited Accounts

    There are no restrictions on opening accounts, customers can open unlimited accounts.

  • 04

    Provide a CRM Platform

    Through the CRM platform, communicate with you and customer management will be targeted.

  • 05

    API and Plugin Installation

    Proprietary companies need to have managed risk and reward, we provide you with the best tools

  • 06

    Support Technical 24/7

    We are supporting from the beginning of your activity in a completely professional way to provide the best service.