API and explorer

UNFXBIT is proud to provide a platform with the latest technologies that allow you to access all blockchain networks using just one API. With our API, not only will you have access to all the raw blockchain data, but you can also connect to UNFXBIT to access processed blockchain data such as balances, confirmations, and more. Our servers, designed with high scalability in mind, provide you with all the data you need in real time. Simply specify the information you require, and our servers will promptly deliver it to you. UNFXBIT’s service is designed with a developer-first approach, offering all the tools and features developers require to create blockchain-based applications.

UNFXBIT, leveraging the infrastructures and technologies employed within this eco-system, along with its own servers and nodes across various blockchain networks, provides its users with the unique capability. This eco-system harnesses the resources of its servers and nodes in different blockchain networks, aggregating this information into a central hub known as the 'UNFXBIT Core.'
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