Drawdown Calculation Plugin

In today’s fast-moving financial world, accuracy and speed are incredibly important. That’s where the Drawdown calculation plugin for Metatrader comes in. It’s a valuable tool for a wide range of people involved in the market, including brokers, investment firms, proprietary trading companies, and forex education providers. This plugin is designed to meet the specific needs of these groups, offering better control, risk management, and overall efficiency in their trading activities.

Who is it for?

Ideal for brokers seeking to enhance risk management protocols and offer advanced tools and accounts to their clients.

Streamlines account oversight, reducing the risk of substantial drawdowns.

Essential for investment firms engaged in managing capital across various accounts.

Empower firms to execute efficient trades and mitigate unforeseen losses through defined conditions.

In the realm of financial education, where theory meets practice, the Drawdown calculation plugin for Metatrader 5 emerges as a transformative tool for Forex education institutions and their instructors. Developed to enhance the learning experience, this plugin serves as a dynamic platform for educators to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world trading scenarios.

Why We Designed and Present This Plugin

Crafted to mitigate drawdown risks by allowing proactive management of accounts and trades.

Equips users with tools to prevent unscheduled losses and protect capital investments.

Designed with a focus on streamlining account and capital management processes.

Eliminates the need for multiple tools and minimizes reliance on extensive human resources.

Recognizing the diverse needs of brokers, investment firms, and educational institutions, the plugin is versatile and adaptable.

Comprehensive Parameters

Incorporates an array of parameters, from StartBalance to MaxAllTimeEquity, providing a holistic approach to risk management.

Offers flexibility in defining conditions related to balance, equity, deposit, withdrawal, margin, and profit.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

This plugin is designed to operate with remarkable efficiency, executing protocols on the account in less than a second. This swift responsiveness ensures that predefined conditions are applied promptly, enhancing the plugin’s real-time risk management capabilities.

Integrates Telegram alerts, ensuring real-time monitoring and timely response to changes.

Enhances situational awareness for users, fostering proactive decision-making.

Why UNFXCO Drawdown Plugin?

The Drawdown calculation plugin for MetaTrader 5 allows you to monitor specific accounts and groups and apply the required changes to them using defined parameters. This plugin allows you to manage your prop trading services or capital management systems. You can control the accounts of capital managers or personal traders with this method to prevent unscheduled losses or connect investor’s accounts to capital managers or other trading systems.


Definable conditions in the program

Complete customization

The above conditions can be defined in four different ways based on their type as follows

Based on the decrease percentage

Based on increase percentage

Based on the decreased amount

Based on the increased amount

Actions that can be applied when a condition is fulfilled

The advantages of this plugin over the others

1. Ability to manage groups and accounts

This plugin provides the ability to create different rules and conditions for different groups and accounts, which helps managers and investors manage more accurately and efficiently.

2. Processing trades

This plugin allows processing trades regardless of the type of groups, which allows capital managers and traders to manage trades in a more integrated and efficient way.

3. Definable conditions

This plugin allows you to define different conditions for different programs and operations, including conditions related to balance, equity, deposit and withdrawal, margin, and profit. This allows users to define and apply their terms.

4. Ability to take different actions

This plugin allows users to take different actions when a position is activated, including closing positions, disabling trading, or setting the balance to zero.

Full Support and Communication

We are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure a seamless experience with our plugin. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, technical support, or customization needs you may have.

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