Unfxco is a global Prime of Prime Multi-Asset Liquidity & Technology White Label solutions provider for Brokerages and Exchanges. that offers a range of services for brokers and financial institutions, such as:
• Brokerage solutions: Unfxco provides a complete and customizable trading platform, liquidity solutions, risk management tools, and back-office software for brokers who want to start or grow their own brokerage business.

• Liquidity providers: Unfxco offers access to deep and diverse liquidity pools from ECNs, and exchanges, allowing brokers to offer competitive pricing and execution to their clients across various asset classes, including forex, crypto, commodities, and indices.

• White label prop trading: Unfxco enables brokers to offer prop trading services to their clients, allowing them to trade with the broker’s funds and share the profits. Unfxco provides the technology, liquidity, and risk management for the prop trading program, while the broker handles the client acquisition and retention.

• White label crypto exchange platform solution: Unfxco allows brokers to launch their own crypto exchange platform with a white label solution that includes a user-friendly interface, advanced trading features, security measures, and liquidity integration. Unfxco also provides legal and regulatory assistance, branding and marketing support, and comprehensive customer service for the white label crypto exchange platform.

• custodian wallets: Unfxco offers secure and convenient custodian wallets for brokers and their clients, enabling them to store, Deposit , and withdraw cryptocurrencies with ease. Unfxco’s custodian wallets are integrated with the trading platform and the crypto exchange, and support multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.